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The Death of Cupcake

The Death of Cupcake: A Child’s Experience with Loss exposes the intersection of grief and consciousness from a child’s perspective. It opens a conscious dialogue about life and loss, reminding parents and children of their infinite nature. It allows children to view death as a liberation, easing the fears and sorrow surrounding a personal loss. Through the lens of consciousness lies the realization that many children are not given the space to make closure when a loved one transitions because physical death is not easily discussed. Furthermore, many children are excluded from funeral or burial proceedings. Thereby, the unresolved feelings and emotions surrounding the death of a close family member, friend, or beloved pet are often carried over into adulthood. The Death of Cupcake elevates our collective perspective surrounding loss to overcome our societal fears of finality.

Two Parts of Me

Two Parts of Me: I am More Than My Body introduces children to the dual nature of their lives on Earth – that they are both a physical being and an energy being. We are all more than a physical body and Two Parts of Me helps young children to understand the meaning and importance of the feelings emanating from their energy bodies. Children are encouraged to trust their innermost feelings and to recognize intuition as guidance from their souls. Two Parts of Me is the first in a series of illustrated children’s books written from a conscious perspective. In it, children are reminded of their soul’s infinite connection to the Source energy of the Universe.

The Duality of Being

The Duality of Being details my life and the convoluted journey I made into higher realms of consciousness through multidimensional travel. In this book, I share with you the perspectives gained that will improved your quality of life, decisions, and relationships.

Each of us has the innate ability to separate our energy body from our physical body and travel into far away dimensions. This book details the many discoveries.

If my experience is any indication, multidimensional travel is available to us all and offers us a gateway into higher or expanded levels of consciousness. True consciousness comes from the exalted awareness that you are infinitely more than your physical body and that reality is a concept far beyond our shared world.

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