The Frequency of Money 4 – Week Program

All Freqency of Money digital products are in mp3 audio format.


The Frequency of Money 4 – Week Program


The Frequency of Money Program is 4 weeks in duration. Week 1 audio is delivered by downloadable link at the time of purchase. Audio Weeks 1-4 plus bonus video and workbook are then available on your private FOM membership page. Need assistance? Email us at or review our FAQ’s.

5 reviews for The Frequency of Money 4 – Week Program

  1. 1655-susannicholas

    J.V. Pimienta-Bey (5 stars)

    “I was AWESTRUCK! Very well done. I think it is OUTSTANDING! Personally, this was very powerful for me. The way Dr. Nicholas explains money’s relationship to our beliefs, thoughts, and actions is done with a skill rarely seen.”

  2. 1655-susannicholas

    Vanessa Morgenstern-Kenan (5 stars)

    “She is the best! Sometimes the Universe just listens and surrounds you with the missing catalyst energy that you need to make it happen. Mine was to find Dr. Nicholas. Indeed her work has allowed me to understand deeply why unconsciously I would build my own financial barriers to success.”

  3. 1655-susannicholas

    N. Littlestone (5 stars)

    “Wonderful, soothing voice. I was particularly interested in the fact that we value our net worth rather than our self-worth and how we attach happiness to having, or lack or having money…The invocation at the end was beautiful, loving, and made me feel cherished.”

  4. 1655-susannicholas

    Tricia Brouk (5 stars)

    “BIG results! Dr. Susan Nicholas’ Frequency of Money course is like a meditation on how to elevate your vibration to a frequency we all desire, that of abundance and prosperity. In these bite size teachings, you will want to listen over and over again, tuning into a daily practice that will give you big results.”

  5. 1655-susannicholas

    P. Streater (5 stars)

    “Thank you…I loves the stories of your experiences growing up as statements about net worth [and] self-worth. I found all four audios very inspiring. The meditation, your tone, and cadence all ties together. Overall, very well done. I wish the lessons were longer!”

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