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Dr. Susan Nicholas is a transformational speaker and thought leader on human consciousness. She motivates audiences to awaken their lives by transforming their innermost feelings.

Our most tightly held feelings and beliefs create our physical reality. This includes our relationships, experiences, and even our money flow. Prepare for a most enlightening presentation.

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Dr. Nicholas delivers “The Journey Back To You” in New York City, a conscious presentation about what motivates us. Most often, we are motivated externally, driven by our fears, scarcity, and the survival instinct. “The Journey Back To You” reveals the choice we can make to follow the inner path toward self-validation. This path that is driven by love, inspiration, passion, purpose, and awareness. These internal drivers allow us to be actualized, to operate from a place of possibilities and potentials rather than from pain, fears, and limitations.

The Frequency of Money

Did you know that your money situation has very little to do with your education level, job title, or socioeconomic status; that the amount of money you have has nothing to do with taxes, wages, or prevailing government policy?

Transform Your Feelings Transform Your Life

Living the life of your dreams takes more than working hard and wanting more. In this powerful and groundbreaking presentation, you will hear stories about life transformations that awaken the soul. You will learn how we unconsciously create the circumstances in our lives and how we can change unintentional situations by transforming our deepest feelings.

This presentation will inspire and motivate you to break through your limiting beliefs in order to create the life you most want and deserve.

Available as a Keynote, Workshop Session, or Single Day Seminar

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