The Frequency of Money

Like many, I was born into poverty and held onto limiting beliefs about money for most of my life.​
I have since transformed those limiting beliefs and now live a financially prosperous and worry-free existence.
Today, I dedicate my life to helping others do the same.

When I was growing up, there never seemed to be enough money. I was told that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and that I would have to work very hard to earn a lot of money.

As I grew older, I worked long hours in stressful jobs to earn money. And I would feel frustrated and angry when there wasn’t enough money. It always confused me when others seemed to have more than enough while I was lacking.

Sound familiar?

After struggling with money for most of my life, I woke up consciously and decided that it was time for a renewed perspective and healthy relationship with money.

I created the Frequency of Money Program® to help others overcome their limiting beliefs and release those heavy feelings about money.

You will be empowered to release what has held you back from achieving freedom from the pain and worry about money.

J.V. Pimienta-Bey
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“...Very well done. I think it is Outstanding! Personally, this was especially powerful for me. The way Dr. Nicholas explains money's relationship to our beliefs, thoughts, and actions, is done with a level of skill rarely seen."
Vanessa Morgenstern-Kenan
She is the BEST!
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“Sometime the Universe just listens and surrounds you with the missing catalyst energy that you need to make it happen. Mine was to find Dr. Nicholas. Indeed, her work has allowed me to deeply understand why unconsciously I would build my own barriers to financial success.”​
N. Littlestone
...Wonderful, soothing voice...
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“I was particularly interested in the fact that we value our net worth rather than our self-worth and how we attach happiness to our having or lack of having money...The invocation at the end was beautiful, loving, and made me feel cherished."
Tricia Brouk
...BIG Results
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“Dr. Susan Nicholas’ Frequency of Money course is like a meditation on how to elevate your vibration to the frequency we all desire, that of abundance and prosperity. In these bite size teachings, you’ll want to listen over and over again, turning this into a daily practice that will give you big results.”
P. Streater
Thank You!
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“...I loved the stories of your experiences growing up and statements about net worth [and] self worth... I found all four audios very inspiring. The meditation, your tone, your cadence all ties together. Overall...very well done...[and I] wish the lessons were longer!"

FOM Audio Course Includes:

  • Four – Weekly Audio Recordings
  • Four BONUS Videos to accompany the Audio Course
  • Downloadable Digital Workbook
  • Money Belief Transformation Exercises
  • Healing Invocations to transform painful memories surrounding money


  • A renewed and exciting relationship with money
  • A worry – free experience with money
  • Inner calm and elevated self – confidence
  • Awareness of your financial blocks and the techniques to release them
  • Actionable tools to overcome any money situation
  • The know – how and language of money to request and receive all the money you require

The Frequency of Money Program is not a “get – rich – quick” scheme. It is a personal and introspective journey designed to uncover and transform your limiting beliefs, uncomfortable feelings, and sabotaging language about money.

Transforming your relationship with money is not about how much money you have or want. It is about you believing yourself worthy of whatever you need to lead a fulfilling life. It is about your relationship with yourself and healing the finance related emotional wounds from the past. It is not about obtaining empty riches or material things. It is about the continuum of wealth, encompassing joy, inner happiness, opportunities, and connections. It is about your ideas, creativity, passions, and purposes. Physical dollars and cents have their place but are only one component of the wealth continuum that you deserve.

It is okay to aspire to be a multimillionaire or billionaire. Let us not make it good or bad.  But what is most important is your inner self-worth. Some of us feel we require millions to do whatever it is that allows us to reach our fullest potential and to serve humanity. Whereas others will want just enough for inner peace and happiness.

Whatever the dream you have for your life, do not let money be the excuse that stops you from fulfilling it. Do not allow the construct of money to hold you back from inner happiness and the pursuit of your passion. This is why it is important for all of us to heal our relationship with money.

This program is about feeling really good inside and never side-tracking your dreams because you feel you cannot afford it. This program is about identifying how you honestly feel inside, recognizing the influence of your feelings on your outward financial net worth. The course is created to assist you in developing a healthy and trusting relationship with money. In this way, you can heal past traumas involving money, moving you upward in vibration and forward financially.

The RESULTS you can expect from completing the Frequency of Money Program:

  • The ability to recognize and overcome blocks surrounding your money situation
  • The tools and confidence to take on any money challenge
  • The KEYS to elevating your self – worth, inner confidence, and personal wealth
  • The know-how to recondition your mind, thoughts, feelings, and language to receive the money you request
  • The ability to confidently request money in a way that attracts money to you
  • The ability to recognize and then communicate with the energy of money
  • The power to finally heal your relationship with money
  • Elevation you inner vibration toward that of wealth and prosperity


Money is the most intriguing chapter of my first book entitled “The Duality of Being: Perspectives from Multidimensional Travel.” In it, I share the lessons and discoveries about how money shows up in our lives from a profound and renewed perspective.

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