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Dr. Susan Nicholas is a transformational speaker and thought leader on human consciousness. She motivates audiences to awaken their lives by transforming their innermost feelings.

Our most tightly held feelings and beliefs create our physical reality. Once we know how to transform the feelings that hold us back in life, we are free to create the life we truly want and love.

Transform Your Feelings Transform Your Life®

Overview of Presentation

Living the life of your dreams takes more than working hard and wanting more. In this powerful and groundbreaking presentation, you will hear stories about life transformations that awaken the soul. You will learn how we unconsciously create the circumstances in our lives and how we can change unintentional situations by transforming our deepest feelings.

This presentation will inspire and motivate you to break through your limiting beliefs in order to create the life you most want and deserve.

Major Points

  • A new definition of worth
  • 5 steps to reliably quiet the mind in order to create inner quiet when you need it most
  • How to transform relationships, finances, businesses practices, and circumstances that are holding you back
  • How to raise your internal vibration toward abundance
  • The long held secret about these feelings of ours
  • The keys to creating a life that you absolutely love

How You'll Benefit

  • Have the ability to now view your life with a renewed, elevated perspective
  • Reliable steps to “tame the mind” and find inner quietude anytime you want it
  • Have heightened awareness of old patterns in your life that no longer serve you and gain the know-how to change them forever
  • Gain a newfound self confidence
  • Have the ability to transform any feeling that has held you back in life
  • Practical tips and tools to living an abundant life that are reproducible and teachable

Available as a Keynote, Workshop Session, or Single Day Seminar

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