Are you a physician or business professional who...

  • Despite your career and academic successes feel unfulfilled
  • Knows there is something more for you to do, but are unsure exactly what that something is
  • Feels sad, unhappy, or has an empty feeling inside
  • Longs for your true purpose in life

You have a higher calling and the world needs you to be in your purpose. Let’s discover your passion together. The combination of energy healing, personalized audio and video, and 1:1 transformational sessions make conscious guidance different from other coaching programs you may have experienced. The incremental upward shifts in your inner vibration are cumulative and are designed to move you forward the moment you decide to make the change. Start living your best life today.

Program Benefits

All transformational programs are customized to the individual client. Programs are 3 months, 6 months or 9 months in duration. Interested professionals are encouraged to complete the brief questionnaire.

  • Medical Intuitive Consultation
  • Complimentary Copy of “The Duality of Being”
  • Distance Reiki Healing Sessions
  • Private Mentoring Sessions
  • Customized Audio & Video Content
  • Audio Meditations & Techniques
  • Bonus Content, Product Discounts & Affiliate Opportunities
  • Unlimited Email Support While Enrolled
  • VIP Invitation to Private Retreats & Events
  • “Emergency” Personal Calls While Enrolled

What My Clients are Saying


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By phone or Zoom, this consultation is designated for medical and business professional who despite their worldly successes and accomplishments, feel an inner sense of em…


“Marci Shimoff, New York Times Best Selling Author & Transformational Leader”

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