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Transformational Coaching
Professional Clients

Customized conscious transformational programs designed for medical and business professionals who are seeking to live their highest purpose while experiencing inner quietude and heart-centered fulfillment.

The Frequency of Money
Frequency of Money Program

Transforming your relationship with money is not just about how much money you have or want. It is about you believing yourself worthy of whatever you need to lead a fulfilling life.

Conscious Speaking Platforms
Dr. Susan Nicholas is a transformational speaker and thought leader on human consciousness. Our most tightly held feelings and beliefs create our physical reality. This includes our relationships, experiences, and even our money flow. Prepare for a most enlightening presentation.
Be Conscious Podcast
The Be Conscious Podcast is a weekly broadcast to discuss our human lives from a conscious perspective. Introspective and provocative, our conversations will delve into our deepest feelings to heal what ails us as human beings.

Meet Susan Nicholas, MD MBA

I am a former physician and surgeon who after a conscious awakening in 2012, transitioned my life into soul healing work. I am now a telepathic medical intuitive and energy healer. I am a three-time author and international speaker on life transformation. My signature talk is The Frequency of Money® which helps individuals heal their relationship with money in order to live worry-free, prosperous and happy lives. I speak to audiences and coach my private clients about transforming the heavy feeling and emotions that have held them back from fulfilling their dreams.

As the founder of the Human Consciousness Consortium Publishing, I am the author of conscious adult and children’s books, publishing under two imprints. My diverse work has a common thread to awaken humanity to consciousness.

When I am not writing, speaking, or working 1:1 to transform lives, I can be found hosting my weekly Be Conscious Podcast. Join me to awaken your soul and to experience your inner healing.


Dr. Susan Nicholas is an international speaker and thought leader on human consciousness, women’s empowerment, and the complexity of relationships. Her most sought after talk is entitled “The Frequency of Money” where she eloquently articulates and inspires us to positively transform our relationship with money. She has graced stages in New Delhi, India, Cairo, Egypt, and here at home in the United States. Dr. Nicholas is a TEDx presenter on Money Consciousness: Overcoming Generational Poverty.

Life Transformation

Are you seeking to live at your highest potential? Do you feel there is something more for you to do in this world? Have your career pursuits left you unfulfilled? Fill out a brief questionnaire to begin your conscious journey with Dr. Nicholas. Once received, Dr. Nicholas will follow up with you directly with the next steps.

The Frequency of Money®

Energy is at the core of everything in existence, including our money.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with money?
Does there never seem to be enough money?
Does your money show up late?

Let’s discover how to elevate your relationship with money to attract all the money you deserve.


Seeking a soothing, transformative meditations to listen to at your convenience? Whether you are looking to transform the energy of shame, scarcity, need to heal a relationship, or your money story, Dr. Nicholas has curated meditations infused with healing vibrations just for you.

Human Consciousness Consortium Publishing

The Human Consciousness Consortium is the publishing arm of Publishing under two imprints; Conscious Books and Conscious Children’s Books, the entity creates print media in the personal transformation space. Human Consciousness Consortium titles are distributed through major brick and mortar and online book sellers worldwide in both print and digital formats.

"The Death of Cupcake: A Child’s Experience With Loss”

Exploring the intersection of grief and consciousness, “The Death of Cupcake” opens an awakened discourse on loss for both parents and children. The book is designed to honor the child’s experience with the passing of a loved one and in doing so, to heal and find closure in the bereavement process. Learn More

"A Must-Have For A Child's Bookshelf"

"The Duality of Being: Perspective from Multidimensional Travel"

“The Duality of Being” details the convoluted journey I made into higher realms of consciousness through my out-of-body travels. In this book, I will share with you the perspectives I have gained that will improve your quality of life, decisions, and relationships. Each of us has the innate ability to separate our energy body from our physical body and travel into far away dimensions. This book details the many discoveries. Learn More

"Transformative Words...You Won't Be Disappointed!"

"Two Parts of Me: I Am More Than My Body"

Our children are born genius, full of potential and still spiritually connected to all of creation. In many ways they are miraculous and extraordinary. Order this beautifully illustrated, vibrant conscious children’s book to remind your child of his/her infinite nature and innate abilities. “Two Parts of Me” is the first in a series of illustrated children’s books encouraging children to harness their extraordinary abilities and to continue their journey into higher consciousness. Learn More

"Deeply Enlightening and Thought Provoking For Kids"

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