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Dr. Susan Nicholas is a transformational speaker and thought leader on human consciousness. She motivates audiences to awaken their lives by transforming their innermost thoughts, feelings, and conditioned language.

The Frequency of Money® is Dr. Nicholas’ most sought after speaking engagement. Corporations, associations and schools are left with a renewed and profound relationship with money.

The Frequency of Money®

Overview of Presentation

Did you know that your money situation has very little to do with your education level, job title, or socioeconomic status; that the amount of money you have has nothing to do with taxes, wages, or prevailing government policy?

The real reason you do not have all the money that you desire is a reflection of your most tightly held thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about money. And how you speak about money is a much better barometer of your net worth than any commonly performed financial analysis.

The Frequency of Money® platform is designed to help you get your money right once and for all. Whether you are young or old, an individual, group, organization, or business, you can recondition your thoughts, language and feelings to receive all the money you request.

Major Points

  • A paradigm shift from limited money beliefs to limitless money accrual
  • 5 steps to reliably receive all the money you request
  • How to transform beliefs about yourself, your finances, businesses practices, and circumstances that are holding you back from receiving more money
  • How to recondition your language and attract more money
  • Revealing the long held secret about the energy of money
  • The keys to creating a life that you absolutely love

How You'll Benefit

  • Have the ability to now view your relationship and experiences with money from a renewed, elevated perspective
  • Reliable steps to receive money anytime you want it
  • Have heightened awareness of old patterns of speech and thought about money that no longer serve you and gain the know-how to change them forever
  • Gain a newfound self confidence to ask for your money in a manner that get results
  • Have the ability to transform any feeling that has held you back from obtaining wealth
  • Practical tips and tools to living an abundant life that are reproducible and teachable

Available as a Keynote, Workshop Session, or Single Day Seminar

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